Embark on a journey of faith, purpose and empowerment as we equip and empower you to expand your influence beyond the walls of the local church and beyond the limitations of religion. Discover your unique calling and purpose, and become an arrow in the hand of God, making a real impact and significant difference in the world.


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The ultimate experience in Christ

A major turning point in your walk of faith

could happen for you in Malta !


What you will take home from this experience :

  • Deeper revelation of who you are and why you are here in a time as this .

  • Stronger foundation to build your life purposefully & successfully .

  • Identified in which areas of your life changes are most needed.

  • Identified your limiting beliefs that stop you from being successful in the hands of God.

  • Deeper connection with your Creator.

  • Renewed mind that will lead to more fulfilling results.

  • Understand the power of your thoughts and words and how to let them work for you, not against you.

  • Understand how to face and answer life's challenges with faith.

  • Transform your pain into purpose.

  • Moving from poverty to generosity.

  • Identify your assignment.

  • Know how to set SMART goals for your life, career, family and create an action plan.

  • Learn how to break through fears, anxiety, worrying, stress, depression.

  • Know your unique talents and gifts and know how to use them purposefully.

  • Greater level of confidence.

  • Deeper understanding of the power of prayer, worship & God's Word.

  • Accelerate your process to access your next level.

  • Know how to make healthy & wise choices in the area of relationships, career, finances, investments, and other areas in your life.

  • Being part of a global network of people that care and are ready to help you move to your next levels.

  • An ALL INCLUSIVE experience, you don't have to worry about searching for a place to stay, how to get there, what to eat and all other possible concerns that could happen that would only cause distractions or make you to miss out on special moments during this gathering. We have taken care of everything for you

Be inspired, equipped & empowered to make impact !

Teaching &


We have prepared for you an excellent selection of topics and themes that will be relevant to your growth. We also help you with the practical application of the principles, so you can experience powerful results in your personal life faster.

Worship &


Prayer & worship are essential to be successful if we want to be used in building the Kingdom. It connects us deeper with God and brings the peace we need to receive the revelations and answers we desire. We will have intense times for this.

Fellowship & Outdoor fun

The Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy. Without joy, our experience of God's Kingdom is not complete and shared joy becomes greater joy. We have selected some really fun activities to connect and experience joy together.

Coaching & Discipleship

Jesus was the best coach that ever walked this earth. Not only did He say "Follow me", He helped His disciples be successful in doing the works He did. We see your potential and believe in your God given dreams and are here to help you achieve them.

Impressions & Testimonies

Members of the Board

Cyril Melotte



Olivia Melotte



Roland Peeters


Exec, Director

Belinda Peeters

Assistant Exec. Director

Jeroen Elferink

Media & Ops. Manager


Robert (SK)

I can only recommend to be part of this event… It's life-changing. Being at the event and continually working with this community afterwards helped me to better understand who am I, what my purpose is, get awareness of some roadblocks and, most importantly, how can I achieve great things in Christ Jesus.

Tamara (B)

An escape from everyday life and in a heavenly, beautiful setting...

Being immersed in thematic and biblical education,
being personally guided in your own calling and the place where you want to make an impact, all in a relaxed family atmosphere.

 There is room for fun in the Kingdom.
 Global Impact School made such an IMPACT on my life that as an 'arrow in His hands' I started to make more & more impact in my world.

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